This past September Cinematic Sound turned 15 years old.  The show debuted on CHMR Cable FM in Hamilton, Ontario in its original two hour format on September 13, 1996 with a playing of John Williams’ main title to STAR WARS.  And the rest, as they say, is history.  To honour this momentous occasion I’ve decided to present a three hour program featuring tracks that are 15 minutes in length – tracks that are no shorter than 14 minutes 59 seconds and no longer than 16 minutes.  On this program you will hear music from such films as ENEMY AT THE GATES (Horner), THE GOLDEN VOYAGE OF SINBAD (Rozsa), BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: SEASON 4 (McCreary), MIRACLE (Isham), HOUSE OF SAND AND FOG (Horner), HOOSIERS (Goldsmith), MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY (Kaper), BROKEN ARROW (Zimmer), E.T. – THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL (Williams) and LEGENDS OF THE FALL (Horner).  If you are interested in learning more about the history of the show please click HERE!


15th Anniversary Part I

15th Anniversary Part II

15th Anniversary Part III


About the Author

Erik is the host and producer of the soundtrack radio show ’Cinematic Sound.’ The show is heard exclusively on-line and on-demand after spending its first ten years on terrestrial radio at C101.5 FM in Hamilton, Ontario. Erik has a broadcast journalism diploma from Mohawk College and has spent his professional career in the video production industry working as a producer, camera operator and editor.

2 Responses to 15th ANNIVERSARY – 15 MINUTE TRACKS

  1. Andy Posthumus says:


    I just listened to the opening of your anniversary show. Thank you. It’s funny to think back to the days when you first approached me, like so many others did, with a show idea. I like to think I was open to good ideas but with some expectations of a quality professional presentation. It took you about 2 minutes to hit that mark. I take some measure pride in giving you the opportunity to first present yourself and your show but the real credit goes to you for sustaining and building it into something no puny studio or transmitter could contain. And of course you gave me my favorite story to tell about my time managing C-101.5, the Star Wars Episode 1 soundtrack debut. For that alone I will always stand in front of the Cinematic Sound box office as it’s number one fan. Awesome work as always.


    • Erik Woods says:


      You have just made my day, my week, even my year. Wait a minute, did I just quote the theme song to Friends?

      Anyway, thank you very much for your very kind note above. It’s an honor that the Star Wars story still has some special meaning to you.

      I’m not sure if you know how much the radio show really means to me. Without the radio program I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to realize some of my life long dreams (go to a recording session), meet some great people (composers and other film music fans) and gather such a vast library of film music. I started the show with roughly 60-70 albums and 15 year later the collection is close to 4000 strong. I now own fully remastered, ultimate, deluxe editions of scores that as a kid the only way I could enjoy them would be to either hum or whistle a theme to myself or record some of the music off of the TV with my dad’s tape recorder.

      I’ve also had the honor to meet some of these great composers who have given me such joy over the years with their music. It’s nothing short of mindboggling really. Who would have thought that this radio show host from Steel City Canada would have the opportunity to meet a future Academy Award winner and have the opportunity to attended some of his earliest recording sessions. It’s all because of the show and the only reason I have a show is because you believed in the idea of a film music themed program and let me have the privilege to use three hours of your air time to play and introduce to a world wide audience the music that I so dearly love and cherish!

      From the bottom of my heart, Andy, thank you!