I’m probably the last one to do this but here are my selections for the best scores of 2010. Just think of it as another excuse to re-listen to some of the best music composed last year. Like all of my other “Best of” shows I won’t be revealing the titles of the scores that I will be playing however I will let you know that you will hear music from Alexandre Desplat, John Powell, Christopher Gordon, Bear McCreary, Conrad Pope, Danny Elfman and more.  Enjoy the show and whether you agree or disagree with my list feel free to discuss the selections in the comment area below!

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About the Author

Erik is the host and producer of the soundtrack radio show ’Cinematic Sound.’ The show is heard exclusively on-line and on-demand after spending its first ten years on terrestrial radio at C101.5 FM in Hamilton, Ontario. Erik has a broadcast journalism diploma from Mohawk College and has spent his professional career in the video production industry working as a producer, camera operator and editor.

8 Responses to THE TOP 10 SCORES OF 2010

  1. Mike Poteet says:

    Great show, as always! (I’ve run out of ways to say that.) I I agree, without reservation, with your awarding the top spot to Powell’s “Dragon” score. I also appreciated being introduced to “Space Battleship Yamato” – what awesome stuff! I ordered a copy for myself right away.

    I do think, however, that you overlooked one of the year’s best scores: Murray Gold’s music for series 5 of “Doctor Who.” You seemed to think TV isn’t a very good source of “best of”-quality scores, and generally it probably isn’t; but I’d rank Gold’s music for the most recent season of the revived “Who” as being equally as worthy of praise as McCreary’s “Human Target.” It’s that good, in my opinion. Give it a listen, if you haven’t already.

    Based solely on the tracks you played, I’m a little surprised that “Tron: Legacy” ended up so high on your list (especially up against something like “Yamato”!) As you note, it does sound very much like “Dark Knight” — but “Dark Knight” (despite some online grousing to the contrary) did have a strong theme. I hear the “simpler” theme you mention in the cues from “Tron” that you played, but it is so much simpler (in my, admittedly, lay opinion) — is a few notes or even a phrase repeated ad infinitum really a theme? Perhaps if I listened to this score a few more times, it would grow on me.

    Those two critiques aside, though — as ever, thanks for putting together such an enjoyable three hours.

    (Have you ever considered doing an “annotated” presentation of a score? As only an interested layperson, without formal musical training, I’d love to hear a critic “talk us through” a particular score for an hour or so, holding forth on what to listen for, what certain techniques are called, what makes a given score significant in film history — a kind of “Film Music 101” series of casts. Just a suggestion!)

    • Erik Woods says:

      Thanks for the comment, Mike.

      I think TV supplies excellent material and Doctor Who is indeed an excellent score. If I had a Top 20 list then Lost, Dexter and Doctor Who would be on the list. But Human Target really knocked me out of my seat and was the only TV, IMHO, that deserved to be on the list.

      I agree with your comments concerning Tron but as I mentioned in my assessment of the score it’s just one of the strongest albums I heard this year and along with How To Train Your Dragon was my most played album of 2010. I got sucked into the simplicity of the score and the unique sound scape Daft Punk created. The combo of New Wave electronica with that massive traditional symphony orchestra is a win-win in my books.

      As for a Film Music 101… I have offered a show of that sort to a few film music friends who were very much interested in the subject matter but beyond the initial interest no programs were ever produced.

  2. Tim Burden says:

    I’ve always wanted to do one of those kind of shows with a co-host, i’m not a particularly good musical analyst. Somebody like Doug Adams would be good.

    I would love to try a Sleepers commentary of sorts. It’s a score and film i’ve always admired, for it’s audacity and tenderness.

  3. Tim Burden says:

    Great to see ‘Daybreakers’ up there near the top by the way! :-o)

  4. bruce marshall says:

    I can’t believe it! You picked the best score of the year-that’s right, you picked the same score I picked. Maybe there is hope for you after all. LOL! keep up the great work

    • Erik Woods says:

      Thanks Bruce! I’m glad that we could see eye to eye on this one!

      • bruce marshall says:

        more like “ear to ear”
        I felt exactly the way you did about the film and score – a magical musical and moviegoing experience!