humble_fred_logoI joined the hilarious Humble and Fred Radio Podcast today to talk about film scores.  In 2006 Fred Patterson and I helped produce the extremely popular (and now defunct) podcast.  Last month, Fred contacted me and invited me to be a guest on his ridculously popular show along with his long time co-host “Humble” Howard Glassman.  Fred, Humble and the rest of the gang made me feel right at home and treated the subject matter of film music with a lot of respect.  It’s always a pleasure to introduce people to film music, which is one of the main reasons why I started this program back in 1996, and hopefully with my appearance on this program I turned a few of Humble and Fred’s listeners into new film score fans!

Check out the show by clicking HERE!

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Erik is the host and producer of the soundtrack radio show ’Cinematic Sound.’ The show is heard exclusively on-line and on-demand after spending its first ten years on terrestrial radio at C101.5 FM in Hamilton, Ontario. Erik has a broadcast journalism diploma from Mohawk College and has spent his professional career in the video production industry working as a producer, camera operator and editor.


  1. Dane Walker says:

    I love that Korngold got some airplay. Way to educate everyone on the art form that is film scoring!

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